Eunice A. Turner Education Foundation Scholarship

The Eunice A. Turner Foundation was established to bridge the gap and help all students successfully attend and graduate from college. The foundation has effectively provided students with scholarships since 2001 and continue to do so and believe that it is important for all students to be able to accomplish their educational endeavors.

Criteria For Application

  1. Economically Disadvantaged (Must provide previous year’s tax information. If student is 18 years old or younger they must provide their parent(s) or legal guardian’s information for the committee to determine the extent of need)
  2. GPA of 2.5 or higher (Must provide high school or college transcript)
  3. Sincerity of Achievement (Will be determined via recommendation letters)
  4. Active member of Community (Will be determined via recommendation letters)
  5. Provide us with your expected graduation date.

Students must provide 3 letters of recommendation; in addition, a letter from the institution showing proof that the student has been admitted (must be on letterhead from the institution).

Mail the completed application to:
Eunice A. Turner Foundation Selection Committee
P.O. Box 291048
Columbia, SC 29229