Carolina Aircraft Pilot Training (Career Pilot Technology)

Advance Pilot training progression and completion. Provide flight time at a reduced cost to select students enrolled in the Career Pilot program to advance students in their flight training.

  1. Private Pilot Award -Student must be working toward attaining his/her Private Pilot Certificate.
  2. Instrument Tiered Training – Student must have attained his/her Private Pilot certificate and be working toward his/her instrument rating. Student must submit copies of logbook showing this criteria has been met:
    Tier I – Any instrument student with Private Pilot Cert.
    Tier 2 – Student must have logged at least 5 flights/hours with view limiting device or in actual conditions in which basic instrument flight was practiced.
    Tier 3 – Student must have logged at least 5 flights/hours where course intercepts, tracking, and holding were practiced.
    Tier 4 – Student must have logged at least IO flights/hours where instrument approach procedures were practiced.
  3. Commercial Pilot Award- Students must have obtained the instrument rating or be currently enrolled in an instrument/commercial flight curriculum.
    3.0 GPA