Black Note Smoke-Free World Scholarship

Be a full-time student Be 18 years or older Submit an essay as outlined in Essay Instructions, signing your essay with your full name, university name and address Enter only one application and one essay per person Be legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia

Essay Instructions

We’re looking at your writing abilities, sure, but we’re most interested in your ideas that can help produce a truly smoke-free world. Please write an essay that:

Is well-researched and evidence-based Discusses feasible solutions for smokers looking to make a positive change in their lives Encourages others to participate in the smoke-free movement Touches on any personal connection you may have that makes the topic more meaningful Explains why a smoke-free world is important for you, society and the environment Is original, clear, concise and compelling to read Includes a photo or video if you feel either adds value to your submission (optional)

Essays should be typed, double-spaced and at least 750 words in length (three pages). Please save your essay as a Word doc or PDF and upload it with your application where indicated.