FormSwift Scholarship Program - DACA/Visa eligible

Create a Business Plan Infographic about one of the following industries for a chance to win the FormSwift Scholarship Program:

A Startup A Restaurant A Non-Profit A Transportation Company A Clothing Company

The Winner of the FormSwift Scholarship Program will receive $1,000.
Why a FormSwift Scholarship Program?

We love to support and grow the nation’s burgeoning class of entrepreneurs. It’s why we developed and continue to maintain free documents for business use, and it’s the same reason why we have developed our Scholarship Program. Moreover, our Scholarship Program is for driven, up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are ready to commit to building a better world through their business ideas. Also, by creating a unique business plan infographic for their scholarship entries young business dreamers can build upon and practice the skills that will be required of them at their jobs after college. In short, we envision our Scholarship Program as not only an award that will help students in the present, but a test that will help them hone in on their future career paths.
To be eligible:

1. You must be a graduating senior in high school or enrolled in college. Community college, professional college, and graduate students are all eligible, in addition to undergraduates at four-year universities.

2. You may not be related to any of FormSwift’s staff or our extended family.

3. International students, including students from a college or graduating from a high school outside the United States, are also eligible to apply.

4. We reserve the right to verify date of high school graduation and/or college enrollment.
Here is how you enter:

1. As mentioned above, make a business plan infographic about one of the suggested topics.

2. Send your entry to jamie[at] by December 15, 2016 with the email subject line “FormSwift Scholarship Entry”

3. Make sure to include your full name, state, and school within your submission.
We will notify and announce the winner on March 30, 2017. After the winner is announced, the Scholarship Program will re-open March 31, 2017.

Future Scholarship Deadlines:

Spring 2017: March 15, 2017

Summer 2017: June 15, 2017

Fall 2017: September 15, 2017

Winter 2017: December 15, 2017

*All submissions become the property of FormSwift