Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship

Disability Scholarship Award Amount: $5000

The annual winning applicant of the Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship is awarded the amount of $5000.

Scholarship funds may be used to assist with tuition, books and related educational expenses at qualifying undergraduate institutions, and in the curriculum of their choice.
Who Is Eligible to Apply?
Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent U.S. resident with a documented disability Be accepted to an institution of higher learning (two- or four-year undergraduate program) – or – Be enrolled in a two- or four-year undergraduate program currently.

Applicants will provide the following accreditation:

The following documents must be provided for consideration and sent by email only via the Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship Submission Form at the bottom of this page.

Medical documentation of disability Proof of legal U.S. residency (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport etc.) College Acceptance Letter – or – Current College ID Most recent transcript (college or high school) Upcoming fall class schedule (verifying 12 credit hours or more)

Essay Submission

Applicants for the Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship will submit an original essay of no less than 700 words and no more than 1500 words on the following topic:

Explain the impact your disability has had on your life and how it will influence you in the future. Specifically describe a challenge or hardship that you had to deal with because of your condition, and how you were able to overcome it.

At the top of your essay: Please type your full name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Also include a brief paragraph about yourself, the college or university you attend or will attend, and your plans and goals for the future. Your name may be shared with the public. Please DO NOT include: Letters of recommendation, tax returns, resumes, bank statements or any other materials not mentioned above.

Essay Writing Tips

Awards based on essay content offer equitable opportunities among disabled students of all backgrounds and financial circumstances.

Submissions should be serious in nature and thoughtfully and purposefully written. The essay topic is an issue full of opportunity for creative and compelling writing. Use the essay to set yourself apart from all other applicants. Remember: you are trying to show why you deserve the scholarship. Take the time to plan and prepare a scholarship-worthy essay. Proofread intensely and double-check facts and details. Be original and sincere in your writing. Plagiarized essay content or false information will be grounds for disqualification.

How & Where Do I Send the Application Documents?

Use the Email Form at the bottom of this page to submit your entry and all attachments. This is explained in detail below.
Application Deadline for the 2017 Fall Semester:

Submit your completed application including essay no later than April 30, 2017.
Scholarship Timeline:

Submissions open: November 1, 2016

Submissions close: April 30, 2017

Essay judging complete: May 31, 2017

Scholarship recipients contacted by: June 15, 2017

Scholarship recipients announced by: June 30, 2017
How Is the Disability Scholarship Decided?

The essay portion is the bulk of the application and is used to determine the winner of the Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded based on the originality, merit and substantive quality of the essay.

Essays are evaluated by attorney Marc Whitehead along with an outside panel of judges comprised of (2 to 6) leaders in disability advocacy.
How to Apply? Online!

This is an online application process using the Submission Form on this page followed by sending attachments by email (i.e., there is no paper submission packet for this scholarship.) All the information you need can be found on this web page and your Confirmation Email.

(1) Compose your essay

Write an essay based on the topic described above for the disability.

(2) Assemble documentation

Once your essay is completed and ready for submission, assemble the other required documents to be included with the application. Attachments are to be sent via email as described in Step 5 below.

All documents and attachments should be saved in the following file formats only:

PDF (.pdf) Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)

(3) Fill out and submit the Online Submission Form below

(4) You will receive a Confirmation Email from Marc Whitehead & Associates

(5) Reply to the Confirmation Email by attaching all required documents. (These instructions will also be included in your confirmation email):

Medical Documentation of Disability Proof of U.S. Legal Residency (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport etc.) College Acceptance Letter (or) Current College ID Most Recent Transcript (College or High School) Upcoming fall class schedule (confirming 12 credit hours or more) Scholarship Essay


After the application period has closed our panel of judges will choose the winners by the end of May and notify winners by June 15.
Ownership of Scholarship Applications

Entry materials will not be returned to you. By submitting an entry for the Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship, you acknowledge that if you become a scholarship recipient, Marc Whitehead & Associates will own all rights to publish and promote the submission.
Use of Name and Likeness

All applicants agree that they consent to the use of their name and city/state of residence, as well to the use of their likeness (as in a photograph) and award information.
How We Treat Your Private Information

Protecting your privacy is important to us. Marc Whitehead & Associates will use the personal information (i.e., email, physical address, phone number) you provide for the sole purpose of evaluating your scholarship application. We will not share, sell or otherwise make your personal information available to any individual, corporation or organization. Please view our Privacy Policy.