Wear Action Scholarship

We’ve created a $500 Wear Action scholarship, to not only help ease the burden of school costs, but to promote healthy living. We believe healthy living, eating right, exercising, and positive thinking are essential tools to succeed not just in school, but in life.

We also firmly believe that fitness gadgets, like trackers and monitors are a major component to making that all happen- especially for students. Between studying, work and family, it is easy to forget to exercise or skip meals, but with the right gadget, you can stay on the right path in and out of class.

Our scholarship focuses on this idea, which is why we are looking for the best essay centered around this title: “How do fitness gadgets impact our life”.

If you feel like we do, and are good at putting words to paper, then don’t waste another second, or dollar, and enter for a chance to win.

Read on to find out all the rules and regulations, and when and how to enter, so you don’t miss this golden opportunity.

What We’re Looking For

For our contest, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas on how fitness gadgets and technology matter in your life, or your families. So we are looking for a 700+ word essay that relates any of the following ideas:

• How a particular gadget made a difference in your life for the better. Stories about losing weight, overcoming unhealthy eating habits, how a device helped a parent with health issues are good examples
• How devices like fitness trackers can help improve your body and your mind.
• The advantages and disadvantages of these types of devices and why you believe they are good for teens and adults.

If you feel you can relate to or understand what we’re looking for, read on to learn how to apply and who the contest is open to.
How to Apply

To apply, simply send us an email to scholarship @ wearaction(dot)com. Please send us the information along with your attached essay and any papers required. Please read the eligibility requirements before entering.

The application requires the following information:

• Your name, date of birth and address; if you are under 18 we need your parent’s or guardian’s name as well.
• School name and courses you are taking.
• School contact information, including address, phone number and name of person to contact.
• Any documents proving your status as a student.
Deadline Date/Spring Announcement

ALL submissions must be in no later than February 28th, 2017 at 11 P.M.(PST). We will announce a winner by the middle of March. The winner will be contacted by phone/email and there will be an announcement on our site once they are notified.

A check will be sent to the winner once all information is verified.
Eligibility Requirements

Wear Action is excited about giving young students the opportunity to improve their lives and make things a bit easier. To participate in our contest, you must meet these eligibility requirements:

• Be 16 years of age or older at the time of disbursement.
• Must be a U.S. citizen.
• Must be enrolled half-time or full-time in a high-school, university or vocational school for the fall of 2016 or spring of 2017. High school students must be enrolled full-time to qualify.
• Must have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher, or the equivalent letter grade for the semester prior to applying.
• Cannot be related to or know a member of the Wear Action staff to ensure the contest is fair and impartial.

Essay Guidelines

We here at Wear Action want to award hard work and dedication. To that end, we ask that all submissions be 100% original and your own. We want real ideas and true stories that reflect unique experiences. As such, we require the following:

• Concise, School-Caliber Essays: All submissions need to be cohesive and easy to read. They should be free of spelling and grammatical errors or they will be rejected.
• Proper Formatting: Essays should follow APA or MLA style formatting. If they do not follow either of these styles they will not be considered
• Essays should be submitted by email.
• Moving/Motivating Articles: We want a story or idea that inspires others and makes them passionate not just about fitness, but life. Speak about what you know and speak from the heart. Don’t overthink it and be honest, let who you are shine through.
• Other Reference Articles: Best Fitbit, Fitness Equipments e.g. Vibration Machines, Fitness Vertical Climbers and Step Machines.
• References: If you use data or any other facts, please include references to back up what you write.

Our staff will review each essay and grade in terms of originality, proper formatting, and most of all, how their story relates to the topic and can help others. We will be fair and impartial and will take the time to confer and come up with a unanimous winner.

We hope to hear from you, and learn all about how fitness has impacted your life. Good luck!

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