Delaine T. Fleming Nursing Scholarship

The Delaine T. Fleming Scholarship Award was established to assist qualified nursing students who need financial assistance to pursue studies for a nursing career. The criteria for selection are as follows.

1.Be enrolled in a NLN accredited undergraduate nursing program.
2.Submit letter of acceptance into nursing program or most recent official college transcript.
3.Maintain a GPA of 2.5 (C+ Average) or greater.
4.Submit a typed or neatly written essay to include biography, short- and long-term goals, why nursing chosen as a career, what area of nursing are you most interested in and why, and what contribution you would like to make to the profession of nursing.
5.Attach a wallet size color photograph to the application. If scholarship is rewarded, permission is requested to use photograph in future publications.
6.Submit two letters of reference from college Instructors.
7.Attend an interview session with the Scholarship Committee at the date and time determined by the committee.

Scholarship Application*

Submit all application items to: and include “Psi Chi Scholarship Applicant” in the subject heading.