DialMyCalls Summer 2017

Scholarship Entry Instructions

Fill in the following information below under “Applicant Information.” Only 1 entry per person please. A) Essay Topic: In today’s society a students every move is potentially relayed back to their parents with automated messages regarding school attendance, disciplinary action, and report card reminders. A couple generations ago, it was the students’ responsibility to ensure their parents were aware of what was going on in school. Do you feel this communication is a good thing for students and their overall development? Is there a point where this constant connection will ever be too much? As a company who provides a mass notification system for many schools, we look forward to your perspective on the service we provide and how you feel it is shaping the younger generation. B) Essay Instructions: Essays should be at least 750 words in length (approximately three pages). Please be sure to submit a compelling essay that clearly depicts your stance on automated school notifications and how you feel it is shaping the younger generation. Submit your entry below. DialMyCalls may disqualify any entry for offensive language or anything it deems improper.